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    We Understand the Mission

    C5T Corporation is comprised of professionals with many years of Defense Department and Civil Aviation experience as military, civilian, and contractors. C5T Corporation’s expertise is in Command & Control, Communications, Computers, and Capabilities Transformation (C5T). Our C-4 (Command & Control, Communications, and Computers) experience spans Mobility Air Forces, Combat Air Forces, Civil, Joint, and Coalition Forces working air and ground net-centric capabilities.

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    Project Management Professional

    C5T is a local leader in Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam preparation and Implementation. Our PMP® curriculum is carefully crafted, incorporating the art and science of project management to ensure professionals pass the exam and are also able to use this methodology in the workspace. Leveraging the C5T PMP Advantage, your company will gain visibility into your projects, improve communications sharing, make streamlined decisions and complete tasks on time and on budget.